Reiki Say What?

Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is an ancient practice of energy healing.

Tracing its roots from Tibetan shamanism, Reiki dates back roughly 10,000 years. The practice was formalized in Japan in the 1920s and has grown in worldwide popularity.

An extremely gentle method of energy healing, Reiki inspires the body to heal itself, drawing on the prana, chi, or ki available to us all.

A chakra based practice, Reiki seeks to find balance in the body and mind. Reiki has been found to be extremely effective in helping to manage a variety of symptoms and imbalances in the mind and body.

Sessions may be performed hands-on with a light touch, or hands-off, working in the energy field of the body.

Reiki Treatment

Questions About Reiki?

Clients Say...

Private Healing Session Rates

1 Session- $80

5 Sessions- $375

10 Sessions- $700

​All sessions are 55 minutes in length

Become Trained In Reiki...

As a Reiki Master Teacher, Elizabeth has had the honor of training hundreds of students to become certified in the art of Reiki. No matter your level of experience in the healing arts, the structured teaching of Reiki is an accessible method of learning energy work and can an enhance other modalities of holistic wellness.  

Reiki I - Self Healing Workshop

A one-day intensive course, Reiki I begins the path of study with learning how to heal yourself. Much like the concept of assisting yourself first when the air mask drops down in an airplane, you must find balance and wellness in your own life before you may help others. Reiki I will teach you a strategic method for aligning your chakras and will enable you to find balance in your life. Like all levels of Reiki courses, you will be provided with a manual and study supplies. Special to the Reiki I will receive a free, one hour private Reiki session with Elizabeth, to be scheduled after the workshop. $200

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Reiki II - Healing Others Workshop

Also a one-day intensive course, the obtainment of a Reiki II certification allows you to become a public practitioner and to heal others. The Reiki II class is a combination of lecture and practice, leaving all who attend with a feeling of confidence in their healing skills. Manual provided. $275

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Reiki III/ART - Advanced Reiki Training

Reiki III/ART explores the more esoteric aspects of energy healing, including aura clearing, moving meditations, and a deeper analysis of the power and master symbols of Reiki.

A day-long intensive course, this class is will enhance your healing energies and prepare you for the Master level course. $400

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Reiki IV/Master Level

Becoming a Master Practitioner. This day-long course will prepare you to attune others to Reiki and to become a Master of Reiki energy. This class will cover attunements for all levels of Reiki and will guide you through the methodology of setting up your own certification courses.

An introduction of two more Reiki symbols, as well as a review of all six symbols, will be provided. $650

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