A Heavy Set Man in a Wrestling Singlet

Preface and disclaimer: This blog post is in NO way an attempt to body shame or make fun of the individual described. It is merely…

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Yoga Isn’t For Everybody

I’ve been intimately engaged in the yoga community for the past twenty years, either as a practitioner, teacher, or both. Over the decades, I have…

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Rise Up Reset

When I set about to open Rise Wellness, I had a distinct concept in mind. There are tons of local wellness centers and exercise studios…

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Pilates in Portland

Pilates is for Bitches

This is the overall impression I had of Pilates for many, many years. Every time I happened by the window of a Pilates studio, I…

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Reiki Treatment

What the eff is Reiki?

When I tell people I’m a Reiki master, usually one of two things happen. The first response is typically, “Oh! I’ve always wanted to try…

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