A Heavy Set Man in a Wrestling Singlet

Preface and disclaimer: This blog post is in NO way an attempt to body shame or make fun of the individual described. It is merely a depiction of the “who the hell cares?” attitude we should all adopt in regards to our bodies. The scene: I’m unpacking my iPad and yoga mat, preparing to teach…

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Yoga Isn’t For Everybody

I’ve been intimately engaged in the yoga community for the past twenty years, either as a practitioner, teacher, or both. Over the decades, I have heard a recurring sentiment from teachers and students alike. “Everyone should try yoga! You’ll love it! It’s designed for everybody!” This line of thinking is patently false and I feel…

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Rise Up Reset

When I set about to open Rise Wellness, I had a distinct concept in mind. There are tons of local wellness centers and exercise studios that promote weight loss, toned arms, and six pack abs. These are, by and large, wonderful places and they serve a fantastic purpose. But for me, I wanted to create…

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Pilates is for Bitches

Pilates in Portland

This is the overall impression I had of Pilates for many, many years. Every time I happened by the window of a Pilates studio, I would see it filled with extremely thin, angry looking women. Like, thin enough that they looked shivery. The equipment they were splayed out on looked like something out of a…

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What the eff is Reiki?

Reiki Treatment

When I tell people I’m a Reiki master, usually one of two things happen. The first response is typically, “Oh! I’ve always wanted to try that! I’ve heard it’s amazing!” And the second response is, “Do you really believe in that horseshit?” Let’s address the horseshit reaction. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient healing practice…

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