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When I set about to open Rise Wellness, I had a distinct concept in mind. There are tons of local wellness centers and exercise studios that promote weight loss, toned arms, and six pack abs. These are, by and large, wonderful places and they serve a fantastic purpose. But for me, I wanted to create a safe space where people could find their strength. And not just the ability to open stuck peanut butter jar lids kind of strength. We’re talking the whole package: physical, mental, and spiritual fortitude.

In a time where we are watching the rights of those marginalized in our society shrink on a daily basis, now is the time to get as strong as possible. There are endless memes on social media, beautiful signs being thrust overhead at marches and rallies, and fliers in storefronts shouting “Resist!” To that, I say fuck yes. But how do we resist when it seems every day brings a new degradation, a new set of challenges that overwhelm us under the current constructs set place in our country? My only solution is to get as strong as possible- mind, body, and soul- to be able to fight back peacefully and with grace.

This is where the Rise Up Reset was born. A feeling of hopelessness and an overwhelming sense of feeling helpless. It is my suggestion that by working on ourselves through kindness, self love, and movement, we can take back our own power and bring stability and strength to our surroundings. The Reset coincides with the New Year so that we may carry this sense of empowerment with us through 2019, long after time in the studio has ended.

The Rise Up Reset includes the following, so that we may grow and embolden ourselves together: 4 private Pilates sessions, 4 private Reiki sessions, 8 yoga classes, and a Reiki I Certification Workshop. 30 days. Mind, body, and soul. So that we may help a larger audience find personal power and freedom, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the ACLU of Oregon.

Sign up today and let’s take back our personal strength together for 2019.

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About Elizabeth...

A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Elizabeth Marshall is the founder of Rise Wellness. Dedicated to all aspects of health and wellness, Elizabeth is a yoga instructor, Pilates trainer, and Reiki Master.  Rise Wellness is located on the fourth floor of the old Custom House in Portland.

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